Sunday, October 05, 2008


was a good day. I started my day by making a 'To Do' list. Here is what it looked like:

-Keep thoughts happy
-Speak words of life to yourself and others
-Assume the best
-Organize closet
-Clean Bathroom
-Dust bedroom

I managed to get most things accomplished and am quite proud of myself. The best part was keeping an eye on my thoughts. I had a peacful and productive day. This may just have to become a habit I pursue. I also did a short study on thoughts which you can see in the post below. I even printed it out in order to look at it daily.

I am grateful for today!


BJ said...

Cleaning can be therapeutic, can't it? I did lots of it over the weekend and it really helped ;-)

The back bedroom/den is almost livable again....although I'm convinced that my yarn and books multiply on their own, with no assistance from me - the only explanation for how much I've got.

PrincezLeah613 said...

Good for you!!!! With all the packing I do it helps me so I can get a little organization in my chaos LOL