Friday, October 17, 2008

Inside the sukkah 5769

I really delight in decorating my sukkah. As you see it is very simple but we call it home. I put pictures of tzaddikim, particularly sephardic, (hey, I'm proud, what can I say?) one of the future beit hamikdash (soon and in our time!) and others. I have some leaf garland hanging with tiny orange lights that give the sukkah a very warm glow.
This is where we place our candles and anything we may need food, extra paper products etc..
This is where we eat. You'd be surprised how many people we can fit here!
The sukkah is on our front porch off of my living room. The windows ensure us of not having to worry too much if the eruv goes down on shabbat.
Thanks for visiting! Please be sure to have a snack and make a bracha! Chag sameach!

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