Sunday, October 12, 2008

Suspicious looking etrog???

While making his way through airport security, my son was questioned, not about liquids over 3 oz. but about the suspicious looking, funny shaped item in his carry-on suitcase. What, you ask could he possibly be carrying?? Why it was his ominous looking etrog! Obviously there was no problem and my son made sure to give the airport security the heads up that they may be seeing several more of these things coming through. One thing you have got to admit, they are on the ball here in Philly!

And I was worried about the lulav going through.


BJ said...

I suppose to those who don't know what it is who are just looking at it as a shadowy image on an X-ray might see just the grenade shape......

Poor him ;-)

Philly Farmgirl said...

Nah...after going through EL AL security everything else is a breeze. :-)

Apparently the shape was the question, because when he told me they questioned the etrog I was surprised. Then he told me, "think about what it might look like in an x-ray". Of course after that, sure it made sense. But like I said the thing I asked about and was worried about was the lulav. Silly me!