Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Ya' win some...ya' lose some

First and foremost "the win some":

Thank you so much for the "Thinking Blogger Award". It really is an honor, not so much the actual award (which is really wonderful BTW), but the fact that you read my blog and it causes you to think. That is an awesome thing. It's funny because I cannot even remember why I started my blogs. I think it was just a way to find other folks who maybe thought a little like me. I guess I was trying to find the rest of the 'bumble bee people'. Maybe I just wanted to hear myself speak or maybe prove to myself I am not so 'weird'. Well, I know I am not wierd, just mis or displaced (°Ü°) and for whatever reason the blog is here. Along the way I have made friends and received some really sweet love notes from some of you. Many of you have shared your lives with me and some I haven't heard from in a while. You should know that each and every one of you that have contacted me, have made an impact on my life and I think of you all often. I thank you so much for the award and for your time that you spend here sharing in a part of my world. You have also made me think.

Now for the "lose some":

So, in my Farmgirl naivety, as far as I was concerned, earth day was just that, a day for the earth. A day that people who in their otherwise busy lives had set aside, to maybe raise a little conscienceness about the enviroment and the planet we live on. As many of you have pointed out about me, I am a bit of the earthy-crunchy-organic-granola-Mama-type-side. So for me, every day is earth day! I am a Jewess who figures being here is a gift from Hashem and so I have a certain responsibility to take care of this gift. For the record, my family and I did not participate in any formal earth day celebration. I spent the day cleaning and knitting. It ended with my beloved SIL, dear friend, neice and daughters in a secluded spot in Lancaster County where we layed on lush green grass and were surrounded by farms talking about what we are currently learning.

My intentions behind the post was not so much a "Hey, everyone! GO out a join some rally!" (I didn't realize they had such things). Mine was more of my typical 'buy free range eggs,(yes, you REALLY have to be careful checking them!), support your local farmer and think organic!' I am really am a simple farmgirl who thought it was just another day on the calender...like John Deere Green day where folks go out and paint watertowers bright green. (only kidding...I just made that one up! LOL!!) Apparently all that glitters is not gold and one of my readers/friend wanted to enlighten me a bit on the background of the day. Without getting into all of it, the rest of you can go ahead and do your research and use the Google search engine to find out about it's background.

I told my chidlren at Hebrew School (who all attend public school BTW) when they asked me about earth day, that although it is very important not to litter, to recycle and re-use, the absolute best thing that they could do for the planet is to learn Torah and do mitzvot. Really, that is what keeps us on our axis spinning.

You know...maybe I will start John Deere Green day. Don't you think the water towers will look so nice green. Oh, and we can put my favorite yellow smily faces with the kippot on them too. Now that would be purty!!

It probably already exists. °Ü°

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