Thursday, April 26, 2007

This morning I learned to look at the sky

This morning I was not feeling so well. Physically I am great, but since I am not a purely physical being there are other parts of me that are not at peak today. As I was aimlessly wandering about Cyber World (not a recommended pastime) I wandered over to and found my Rebbe there waiting to teach me something and bring my focus back to Hashem. Here is what I learned and I share here with you.

Look up at the Sky!

Rebbe Nachman of Breslov had a follower who was poor but very pious.

Taking advantage of some business opportunities he started becoming more prosperous. But the more his business commitments multiplied, the less time he had for his spiritual pursuits. Eventually he even stopped visiting Rebbe Nachman.
The Rebbe's window overlooked the main street in the town. Once he looked out and saw this man hurrying to the market. He called him. The man was ashamed and could not pretend he had not heard.

"Did you look up at the sky today?" asked the Rebbe.


Rebbe Nachman pointed to the market-place and asked him what he could see. "Horses, wagons, merchandise, lots of busy people..."

"Fifty years from now," said Rebbe Nachman, "there'll be a totally different market with different people, different wagons and different goods. You won't be here and I won't be here. So let me ask you: Why are you in such a hurry that you don't even have time to look up at the sky?"

Rebbe Nachman told the man to take at least a few moments every day to look up at the sky in order to remember that worldly life passes all too quickly and only the heavens endure.

This is something everyone should do. The mundane world can be so absorbing, but very soon it will be gone. Look up often at the sky in order to put things in their proper perspective.

:::Philly is off to look at the sky and thank Hashem for her many blessings:::

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