Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Learning from other Wise Women and the spirituality of the fiber arts

As a Wise Woman is training I am always on the look out for Wise Women who have completed a good part of thier training. I have met some amazing Women filled with experience, deep spirituality and Wisdom. Mostly though, I have come across alot of other trainees who like myself have a long way to go. But every once in a while we meet up at the right time and place and really get It. You know, really hear the deep Wisdom and are able to pass it along to another. I was recently with my beloved Sister in law (more sister than anything) who also happens to be in training and I was the fortunate one on the receiving end of the Wisdom being given to her. I was thrilled! I was talking to her about my lack of time spent in prayer, how I felt so very stretched with all I am doing and that all I seem to be drawn to do is spin, weave and knit. I told her how horrible I felt about this and what I waste of time I thought it was. I lamented the hours I thought I should be learning this or that, halacha or chassidut.
She looked at me and then told me "This is your Prayer."
We sat a moment and then she explained to me how everything I was doing was my prayer. How those time spent with my spindle, my loom and my needles were times I prayed. She said to me, "You can't tell me that while you are sitting at your loom you are no crying out to G-d about your life, about how you long to draw closer to Him. YOu can't tell me that while you are knitting you are not praying for this person or that one. You can't tell me that!"
I thought about it. She was right. Whenever I do any of these things I steal away. Even if everyone one is around me, I am quite alone and content. I do pray and I do cry out to Abba! I pray for wisdom and strength for myself. I pray for my family and friends. As the yarn passes through my fingers I think about my life and I feel a deep connection with my Creator. I think about His deep Love for me and how I long to draw closer to Him. I feel centered and at peace. All of a sudden I do not think it is such a waste of time. All of a sudden I realize it is not really about the spinning, weaving, or knitting. I realize now that those times are really about what matters most, and that is my alone time with G-d.

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Shalom Bayit said...

Wow your sister in law sounds like an incredible person.
Mucho Amor Por Ti mi hermana