Monday, April 16, 2007

This is the day Hashem(G-d) has made!!

This is the day Hashem has made; let us be glad and rejoice in it! Psalma 118:24
Zeh hayom asah Hashem negilah v'nismeha vo!

So yesterday the great N'oreaster hit...
To me it just seemed like an excessively miserable amount of April Showers was being dropped upon us. No biggee except for the swamp that was beginning to form in front of my home forcing me to cross over onto the neighbor's steps to reach the sidewalk. Strangely enough in spite of the perceived ugliness of the morning I ran to my car hollering "Zeh hayom asah Hashem!!!" Well, on a rainy Sunday morning at 9:30 there was no one to here me except myself, my daughter who stood shivering waiting for me to open her door, and Hashem. It really did wonders for my day! I was in a great mood when I arrived to teach Hebrew School and we had some wonderful class time! Later that day I hibernated with lots of knitting, stayed away from my cyber escape and went to bed early. It was a wonderful day and I really pray I learn the lesson I see here. No matter what the day may look like 'zeh hayom asah Hashem', THIS IS THE DAY the L-rd has made!
Yesterday the lesson continued. During afternoon circle time with the children we always talk about the date, day and weather. Of course everyone noted the stormy weather and lack of sun. Then I asked the children where the sun was. One of them told me it was behind the clouds. "That's correct!" I replied and we then talked about how the sun was still shining brightly even though it was hidden behind the clouds and we could not see it. AHA moment indeed!
So what am I gonna do about it? Whine about the weather? Be miserable and call more negativity my way? Or am going to rejoice and be glad?
Like I said I hope I learned this lesson, so far I am choosing (c).

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