Friday, April 27, 2007

Newest Addictions

PODCASTS!!! Wow, I am enjoying them so much! I have started listening a couple, catching up on back episodes and enoying the current installments. They are all knitting podcasts and it is kind of like having a knitting buddy here with me at my beck and call at any time of the day. My son laughed at me when I told him. He asked me, "What do you talk about with knitting?? Here I have two pointy sticks and I have some yarn, made of wool, cotton, flax or hemp. Now I knit. OK podcast over!" I laughed at my non-knitting son and went on with my podcast listening, spinning and knitting as I go.

Here a couple that I enjoy and you may too.

Cast-on: A podcast about knitting and life. Hosted by Brenda Dayne.

Pixie Purls: a podcast of a knitter and spinner

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