Monday, October 16, 2006

Step One...Powerless over Fiber

1. We admitted we were powerless over fiber---that our stash had become unmanageable.

"Hi, I am Philly and I am a fiber addict."

Truth be told the ONLY thing that prevents me from going totally haywire at the nearest wool store is finances and lack there of. (see, I must not be THAT bad, I am not willing to stop eating to get my next yarn fix ;-) But oy, am I getting the itch right now. My nesting urges have begun full force and so all I want to do at this point in my life is feel wool, spin, knit, sew a few things, make a quilt, and drink tea, in that order. (Yes, I DO have a family but they are all big enough to make their own box of Wacky-Mac) In my fantasy world I would be sitting in my log cabin somewhere hidden in the hills of Israel :::OK, remember I was raised here in the US of A, I like log cabins::: with my wonderful flock of merinos wandering about, and spinning my heart out right now. :::SIGH:::

My wonderfully patient friend and fellow addict BJ :::she is MUCH worse than me::: sent me this from Yarn Harlot. Check this blog out and see if you too can relate. I'll be here waiting for you in the room overflowing with roving. We can start our own 12 Step Program...of course it won't really do us any good as it will be just another excuse to sit and knit during the meeting.


Over The Rainbow said...

" won't really do us any good as it will be just another excuse to sit and knit during the meeting."

That's hilarious!!! I can totally picture that! LOL! :)

BJ said...

I stopped at Wegman's yesterday to get various things (supper supplies are so very nice to have......) and carried my groceries home in yet another plastic bin..... as the stash is still growing. I really don't think I'm doing that much to account for the increase (it's at least doubled) since my Flash Your Stash post back in April. I often go weeks without going into a yarn store....and still the stash grows.

By the way, Yael -- I have pile of stuff for you (and it isn't all fiber-related, either). We need to pretend we have a non-cyber life and get together one of these days.

Patty said...

There is never too much wool in a womans house. I have lots of spinning to do this winter when sitting next to the woodstove.

Philly Farmgirl said...

Now BJ, remember Denial is not just a river in Egypt. ;-)

Yes, we do have to get together soon.

Oh Patty! I like you! Can I come sit near your woodstove, had to turn mine in when I moved. :::sigh:::

BJ said...

And one of my knititng froups has last night's get together at a local yarn shop that has recently switched owners. I was very restained!