Friday, October 27, 2006

And it's not even 7 AM!

I am not sure what has happened, but my morning has been a bit interesting. I have to tell you that the only thing on my mind this AM was to make challah. Simple enough right? I just wanted to make challah this week. With school and everything and everyone else that is going on in my life I cannot tell you the last time I made challah. It has been weeks. I HATE buying challah. Sure, we have stores and bakeries where you can buy challah and most is inexpensive enough. We even have one bakery where the challah is 'prit near perfect, almost like homemade! But that is not the point. I like to make challah. I am a Farmgirl for Pete's sake! So what's the problem you ask. I have no idea, except something is not right in the cosmos for me right now. I woke up at 3:30 this morning. My brain just went ping!

"OK," I told myself, "take it easy, you can sleep till 4 and then get up."

"Yes, but," I argued back, "the Ben Ish Hai says that even though women should not daven Tikun chatzot (midnight prayers and lament over our Holy Temple) they should arise early and do there household chores in the same merit."

"Please go back to sleep at least 'till 4."



I proceeded to have the same argument and try to sleep till 5. HA! At that point the alarm went off and some radio talk show came on to tell me how you should not invest more that 5-10% of your total stocks in your companies 401K plan (i.e. Enron). "Great" I thought sleepily, "stocks....vegetable of beef????"

My brain switched on so abruptly today that I could not remember if I had even said Modeh Ani?

The rest of the morning proceeded well. I said my morning prayers and put my apron on. I started the yeast and put my milk up on the stove getting it ready for my coffee. As I am pouring my scalded milk into my cup, my beloved and I start talking about this week's parsha.

"Did you know the tievah had three floors?" I ask.

My beloved replied that yes he did and as we were discussing how huge it must have been I decided to pour the scalded milk onto my unprotected hand.


I decide to pour a bit of cold water on it and ignore the pain because there is challah to make and I am going to make that challah!

I lay my coffee aside and check the yeast. It's ready. OK, since I do not have a lot of time I am going to use the mixer that I never, ever use. I pull it out and scratch my head wondering to myself how does this thing work. I stick the dough attachment on, put all my ingredients in the bowl and flip the switch. Viola! Nothing. Nope nothing. Just a clunk, clunk sound as the mixer's blades started to turn. I wake up my daughter and ask her what the deal is (after all, she actually uses the monster). She informs me that the dough blades do not work and I would have to use the other ones. OK, fine. I switch blades and try again. This time I notice my dough is sticking big time. I try working with it but then I smell smoke. Yep, you got it. The mixer started to burn up. :::sigh::: Personally, I think it hates me because I never use it, preferring my hand crank version dough mixer (thank you again Susan).

I take my poor abused challah dough stick in a bowl and proceed to knead it myself. I mutter "What is going on here HaShem?" trying to think loving and holy thoughts as I make this challah. I turn super spiritual on myself and ask questions like "why do you want to make the challah? Is it really to fulfill the mitzvah or do you have some other motivation?" Thinking back to myself I remember again how I really do love making challah for shabbat. It is such a holy thing and one of the few mitzvot that are specifically obligated to women. I can get incredibly introspective y'know. It feels so good when I can give this small gift to my family. I want to mix in so much love and prayer along with all the other ingredients.

My beloved arrived back from minyan. He asked how the challah went and I told him I am writing about it now. He laughed and said "Oh really?" I told him I think I broke the mixer that it is burnt out. He congratulated me with a "Good job!" and proceeded to check the victim for vital signs. Nope, nothing. The funeral will be at 9 AM today. That's when the garbage men come by. Unceremonious I know, but like I said, I think the mixer hated me anyway. Besides I still have my hand crank...of course my daughter my be a little saddened by it's untimely demise.

Shabbat shalom Y'all!

Only 10 more hours to go!


BJ said...

Fortunately, one of the laws of the universe is that no matter how hard the week has been, Shabbat does arrive! Somehow makes the week seem better ;-)

There's a pile of stuff I've collected for you collecting dust and cat hair in my living room. When can we get together so it can collect dust and cat hair in your living room. There's some fiber stuff in it.......{evil grin}

Jacran Cottage said...

Oh dear ... your poor mixer! I've never made challah and the only bakery around here that made it went out of business when the owner passed away. I haven't had challah for a long time.

When all things are as they should be ;o) is it difficult to make?

Jackie in ON

Jacran Cottage said...

Ooops, forgot to sign off with Good Shabbos!

Jackie in ON

Philly Farmgirl said...

Challah is not hard to make, in fact it is relatively easy once you become good friends with the yeast. It is also a very holy mitzvah (commandment) for women so it is much deeper than 'just' baking bread, which is also an amazing wonderful thing to do for your family.