Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Post Holiday Hangover

OK, before you all start thinking ill of me, I am not writing of an alcohol induced hangover. I am simply describing the exhaustion and fog I am feeling right now after all the excitement of the chaggim. I have been moving on fast forward for what feels like so long now that to actually try to get back into the day to day is a bit surreal. Talk about slamming on the breaks and changing directions! Don't misunderstand, I welcome the mundane with open arms right now. After coming from the spiritual intensity of these particular holidays, I need the routine to try to incorporate what I have learned. I just have to try and slow down now to enjoy the scenery.
Today is a rainy gray day that is adding to my blahs exponetially. :::wink to OTR:::
In Israel this is a blessing, I am not so sure the same applies here in chutz l'aretz. (Of course rain is a blessing, obviously we need it...but here, well here in Philadelphia it just feels like 'blah'. Are you loving the vocab here?)
Last night one of our local synagogues had a hachnasat sefer torah, (welcoming of a new torah scroll). That was an especially good feeling after all the joy of simchat torah. This did help some with my post holiday blues.
Ah well, like the song goes...back to life, back to reality.
On the bright side of things, I do have a weaving that has been whispering to me for days to work on...and there is all that yarn...oh yes, and the fabric:::sigh, I feel better already!:::


BJ said...

Yup. Post-chag marathon blahs. Get yours while they're hot!

And, unlike with Pesach, the apartment still needs to be cleaned......

Philly Farmgirl said...

the apartment still needs to be cleaned......


Oh yes, the apartment that looks like Katrina, Rita, Horacio and whoever else you would like to add, went through.

One room at a time right?

OK, how about one corner at a time...

AH HA! Found my stash! I think I will clean here first! ;-)