Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Yesterday's special moments

Yesterday was a day of special moments. I suppose all days are like this, but I happened to pay a little more attention and practice gratitude when they occurred. First of all my mother called me at about 6:15 in the morning. This is a perfect time to get a hold of me and I was so thrilled she called. Her timing is getting so much better as she used to have this habit of calling me erev shabbat either when I was in the throes of cooking or MINUTES before candle lighting. But she and I are both early birds so I told her ,"Y'know Mommy, I am up too when you are, I would love to talk to you when we both have time." We had a great conversation yesterday, what a nice way to start the day.
Another moment occurred as I was walking out the door yesterday morning. When I opened the door I noticed an envelope in the doorway. On it was Racheli's name and on the other side was a note that said "Rachel use this to go to Israel." I handed it to her and was amazed. She almost cried and I did cry. HaShem is so good to us. As I was walking down the street I thanked Him for showing us such kindness. It has been a topic of much tefila (prayer) the financial part of Racheli's trip. Our Father hears us.
Later in the day I was caring for two little ones, the neshama I usually nanny and her tzaddik of a big brother. After lunch I had hoped he would take a nap for me as I knew this was also what his Imma would want. I suggested watching Uncle Moshe. "Uncle MOISHY!" I was corrected. I laughed and told him that my Sephardi accent was getting in the way, sorry. :-) We all snuggled up and watched this very sweet video and in fifteen minutes he was asleep. The baby went to sleep soon after and I had about an hour of silence I used to write a letter to my son. When they woke up we snuggled some more and he napped a few minutes more I thanked HaShem for the gift of a child falling asleep on my lap. What a beautiful feeling of love I was gifted with. When he woke up we read some books and watched the Kotel Cam.
Why the Kotel cam? My son had just called to tell me he was going to be there and although we couldn't actually see him, we should see the tremendous crowd at the Kotel.
About an hour or so later, after I arrived back home, the phone rang. My youngest picked it up, smiled and then handed it to me. I said hello and heard, not noise, once I focused I realized it was Ya'akov and I was listening to selichot at the Kotel. I couldn't believe it. I listened and I cried and cried. How beautiful it was! To hear the prayers there in Yerushalayim! It was AMAZING and felt like I was there. We lost connection a couple of times and I would call back and listen more. Then I hung up and waited to hear from him until it was all over. I thanked him for such a gift, he said he hoped I would enjoy it. How did I merit such a son? Baruch HaShem!!!
Kisses from my daughters' and my beloved coming early from work topped the day of special moments.
I am a grateful lady, very grateful indeed.

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