Friday, October 21, 2005

Welcome to our Sukkah!

The chaggim (holidays) have been just wonderful! Busy with much to do and so spiritual with much to learn. We have had the pleasure to have dined in three sukkot, including our own. The meals have all been delicious flavored with sweet friendship and beautiful words of Torah. We are all looking for the big Simchat beit haShueva motzei shabbat. They close off the whole block and there will be music, things for the children and even a fire juggler! If you are in Philly come on over and join us! It has just been wonderful and we still have Shemini Etzeret and Simchat Torah to look forward too! I just love this time of the year! Here are some pics of our family Succah, since you all cannot come and sit in it we can have a virtual visit °Ü°.
Vayikra (Leviticus) 23:39-43
But on the fifteenth day of this seventh month, when you gather in the crop of the land, you shall celebrate Hashem's festival for a seven-day period; the first day is a rest day and the eighth day is a rest day. You shall take for yourselves on the first day the fruit of a citron tree, the branches of date palms, twigs of a plaited tree and brook willows; and you shall rejoice before Hashem. your G-d, for a seven day period. You shall celebrate it as a festival for Hashem, a seven-day period in the year, an eternal decree for your generations; in the seventh month you shall celebrate it. You shall dwell in sukkot (booths) for a seven day period; every native in Israel shall dwell in sukkot. So that your generations will know that I caused the Children of Israel to dwell in sukkot when I took them from the land of Egypt; I am Hashem your G-d.

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Nice Sukka - but a FIRE TRAP!