Thursday, October 27, 2005

Back to Reality

So the chaggim (holidays) are completed and we enter back into reality. Back to the mundane. For me that means setting my home back to order, laundry, getting a curriculum set up for my 14 year old, (particularly focusing on Hebrew studies), taking care of the little neshama I care for again (her Mama must sadly return to work too), and getting some projects going. Oh yes...and planning my shabbat menu. Don't know that I shall get all of that done. I am going to TRY to not make myself coo-coo and just set one goal up at a time. I don't think it is nice to run screaming back into the world, too much like plunging into a freezing pool of water. I shall endeavor to ease myself and my family back into routine taking with us as much as we can of the simcha, learning and strength that we have gained from our most holy month of Tishrei.

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