Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Ha Rav Ovadiah Yosef, shlita

Rabbi Ovadia: 'Women should stick to cooking, sewing',is the headline from yesterday's Jerusalem Post. From what I understand it is quite the controversial statement and all the rage now in Blogoshpere. While I usually don't involve myself in controversial matters on my homestead here, I felt like I just needed to point out a few things.

1. Do the words 'lost in translation', mean anything? He was "speaking in the language of his audience."

2. He is speaking to Sephardic women, not to every Jewish women out there. Most Sephardic women say the bracha first and then light. Makes sense, right? But, there are also sources for the other way (bracha then light). The point is, he is poskening for the people who follow his rulings (ie. sephardim).

3. Chariedi disliking Media + out of context = twisted words

In my opinion, Michelle over at Israel Jewish News says it best.

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PrincezLeah613 said...

I must agree. The saddest part is that woman are so busy trying to the man's job our children are lost and our homes are being destroyed. Give me Sewing and Hamim anyday. I know that my children are safe. Woman need to perfect their own job before they attempt at someone else's.
Rabbi Ovadia Yosef speaks truth even if other people won't accept it.