Sunday, August 12, 2007


As soon as we arrived at the airport check in they asked if my son wanted to volunteer to be bumped.


'What is that?' I asked.

Ya'aqov informed me that this is a most desirable thing since, although it postpones his flight for a day, (he is now leaving tomorrow)it also means getting a free round trip ticket.

'Oh wow!' I thought, 'this is great!'

But sheesh, the waiting for three hours to see if he was actually going to get bumped and then the figuring out what do we do now. The drive all the way back to Philly. Emotions, etc... Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled to have my son home one more day. I am thrilled he is going to now have another ticket to get back to Israel another year. But I am not thrilled that I will not be able to see him off at the airport.


We ordered a 'limo' service to pick him up and deliver him to the airport.

:::heavy sigh:::

I just really like being able to see him off.

I know he's a 'big boy', but how does that preclude me from having all my mommy emotions.

Maybe I am not so mature after all.

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