Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A 'laugh at myself' story for Adar

It is not my custom to wear shietels. I always cover my head, but my beloved and I prefer I wear scarves. That doesn't mean I haven't acquired a couple of shietels over the past few years. When I decided that it was wrong for them to just sit in my closet, I discovered a couple of ladies in my neighborhood, whose custom it is to wear shietels, were in need of them. I gave one my hat fall and the other I gave my sheitel too. The fall was fine to go but I wanted to wash and set the sheitel for my friend. When I just about had it ready, I called my friend and asked if she would mind picking it up after she dropped her child off at preschool. She told me it was no problem and that she would pull up in front of the house and honk the horn. She has a two year old (BA"H) and is due (B'ezrat Hashem) in a week, so with the snow and ice we thought it best just for me to run it out to her. As I was putting the finishing touches brushing out the hair on the sheitel I heard a horn beep. Not wanting her to wait I quickly grabbed the head model with the sheitel and frantically ran out of the house and stood on my porch. I could not see her car so I looked left and right holding the sheitel like some ridiculous frum head hunter! Where was she?! Finally I looked across the street to see my neighbor's ride to work waiting for him. I sheepishly walked back in to my house and told my daughter my story. We both laughed and laughed! Within a couple of minutes I heard another horn beep but this time I went to the door calmly and peeked out the window to be sure that this time it was my friend. It was. °Ü°

Happy Adar!!

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