Friday, February 23, 2007

Beings that I am farmgirl after all...

I should let you know about Progressive Farmers all new Best Places to Live in Rural America. Not surprisingly Lancaster County Pa is not even listed. It is getting so built up with tourist places and shopping outlets that there is less and less farmland. Granted there is still some but I heard through a friend of mine in Lancaster that many of the Amish are selling their one farm and going to Kentucky and purchasing TEN! That tells you how VERY expensive the land is there in Lancaster. This is one of the reasons that many of the Amish have started their own business in carpentry etc.

Anyway, the places are gorgeous and if you are here in the U S of A and are looking for a rural town to live in, by all means check this out. There are still many wonderful places there for those of you who are ready to leave the concrete jungle. But I gotta tell ya', even though I think these places are beautiful and I am all for the small town, this gypsy/farmgirl won't even consider moving right now unless she is moving to Eretz Israel! I want to take all the skills I have been learning to Eretz Israel and do something there. Hard work...oh yes, I know! And I also know you can't farm Tsfat but how about a moshav nearby?

You coming with?

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