Sunday, July 16, 2006

You wanna help Israel?????

Then do what the Melitzer Rebbe has advised all of us to do:

"The Melitzer said that each of us now must try to be a little bit better in our service of Hashem in order to invoke Divine compassion."

Rabbi Brody says this means all of us! Jews and non-Jews, unaffliated, Orthodox, and everyone in between. No matter where you are holding right, now please take on a mitzvah and do it to the best of your abilty. To all my beloved Noahide friends please do the same! We need you, we need each other and Israel needs us. Hashem is calling to us and the call is do teshuva now! This is a way to do this, showing Hashem our love and sincerity.

May we soon hear good news, may Hakodosh Baruch Hu watch over and protect all His children and may we soon hear the call of the shofar announcing our righteous Moshiach and may it be TODAY!

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