Sunday, July 02, 2006

Happenings in my side of the Universe

1. My beloved children both arrived safely in JFK airport on the 20th of June from Eretz Israel. It was such an amazing time of anticipation for their father and I. We were both so nervous (can you imagine?) and so excited about them getting back! As we were waiting for them to come out of customs, I wondered what they would look like, how they were going to do with reentry, how tired would they be, etc.? After waiting for what felt like hours and hours we finally saw them. They there were, Ya'akov my yeshiva bochur and Racheli radiating Tsfat, it was amazing! After my initially squeals, hugs and kisses, we started for our journey back to Philly. It was all so strange to them and ironically foreign. Their father asked if they were happy to be home and he was answered with dead silence from the back seat. I looked at him and laughed, "What kind of question is that? Ask if they are happy to see us?"
"Well, are you happy to see us?" He was quite relieved by the zealous "Yes!" that resounded from the back seat! So far they seem to be doing well, Ya'akov busy getting his learning seder set up and Racheli doing her best to recover from jet lag. She misses her friends very much so I am sure that adds to it. What are they going to do from here? Only Hashem knows for sure. They both want to return to Eretz Israel, and B'ezrat Hashem they will.

2. I am teaching ballet again! Yippee! It is so much fun to teach the little ones again. I taught many years ago and quite honestly figured those days were done. Well, thankfully I was wrong. It all started with one mommy asking if I knew anyone who taught ballet. I said, yes as a matter of fact I do, me! She was so pleased and we started talking about the possibilities of teaching dance to some girls. I am happy to say I have two classes now, pre-ballet and ballet 1!

3. Along with everything else I try to squeeze in to learn, I am busy trying to keep up with my doula skills. G-d willing, I will have a new mommy this month and I am so looking forward to attending this birth. This lady is a special friend of mine and it is an honor for me to have been chosen to be her doula. But, truth be told, being a doula is an incredible honor and privilege.

4. My little one that I care for is growing and talking by leaps and bounds! I do not have her as often now since mommy is a work at home mommy, when I do have her (about twice week now) she keeps me on my toes! She is a real snuggle bunny and quite generous with her hugs.:::sigh::: I really love my jobs!

5. For the past two weeks we have had a little one staying with us. What a delight he is, but as all young mothers know, what hard work! He is a very bright and busy fellow who is filled with the simcha of life! Thank G-d, I have help with my girls but along with the other day to day goings on, classes, shopping, and general happenings it makes for a full life for all.

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