Monday, July 17, 2006


As always Rabbi Brody is on the cutting edge of the real news! Here is the latest:

Israel's secret weapon: Emuna News is now exposing Israel's newest secret weapons, hidden in Northeast USA:

Meet the Jewish people's newest Baalei Tshuva, Yitzi and Rachamim C., ages 7 and 9, who are making tshuva so that Hashem will save their people. How can Hashem refuse these two? They've completely conquered my heart. They've convinced mama Leah to kosher her kitchen and to observe the Sabbath. They have committed to saying Shma at night, washing their hands in the morning, saying their blessings, wearing kippot, eating Kosher, keeping Shabbat, and learning Torah. In their merit, G-d willing, we're going to beat the daylights out of Iran and Hizbolla. Our victory is assured now.

Personal note: these little Tzaddikim are extra special to me. I have been personal witness to thier struggles and growth and their very intense and real love of Hashem. May our family continue to have more nachat from these amazing neshamot!

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