Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Israel Prologue

I would like to start my journey from the very beginning. How it all came together is truly amazing! I won’t get into too many details really. I do want to tell you and make sure you know that is was a FOR REAL miracle! You should also know that if your dream is to go to Eretz Israel, beg Hashem, beg Him and see if He does not have rachmanit on you too and send you. Do not say, ‘I don’t have the time or money’, those are minor details for the King. Don’t worry about how it will all happen. Just pray and walk through the doors as they open. Do what you can and watch for the miracle to occur. That is how it came about for me. I wanted so badly to go, all my life this has been my dream. But that is all I thought it would ever be, a dream that would probably not come true until Moshiach came, (may it be speedily in our day!) But after Racheli left I began to pour my heart out in prayer. I prayed and I prayed and I prayed, “Please Hashem only YOU can send me to Eretz Israel…please Abba let me go!” You see, I could never have gone with out my children. I would have felt badly experiencing all that kaddusha without them. So Hashem allowed them to merit to go before me, and then in His mercy, my youngest and I merited to join them. I will forever be grateful to the Holy One, most blessed be He, for allowing us this privilege, may it be repeated again soon.

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