Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Mother's Day

Every year my beloved family always plans something very special for me for Mother's Day. I am always surprised and I am always so blessed by the whole process. They pack a picnic lunch and off we go to whatever destination they have chosen, usually a beach and a lighthouse. This year with the older two away I wasn't sure what was going to be. I have to admit I was a little sad not having them here and I truly was not expecting much of anything. Well, they surprised me nonetheless with this lovely picture you see here handmade by my youngest Tzivya! I was speechless when I saw it...then she told me the story behind it. The blue and white lighthouse is the Jewish people shining the light of Torah and mitzvot. The ship is the S.S. Moshiach soon coming into port. I also saw the moon as the Jewish people constantly renewing themselves as the moon does and the night sky darkest before the dawn. And of course 'we are the sheep of His pasture.' I could not believe she actually had time to do this for me with our busy schedules.

They also bought me these two marvelous books I had been wanting for some time now."The Light and the Fire of the Baal Shem Tov" and "Through Fire and Water, the Life of Reb Noson"

Afterwards we packed up our lunches and left for Cape May NJ! What a wonderful day it turned out to be! The ocean waves were dark green and crashing everywhere due to the full moon. The sky was grey and stormy. It was all so powerful and very high energy! We were there for some time and I felt renewed by it all. What started out as a blase day turned out to be such a precious gift from my family and Hashem, who always has such compassion on me.

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