Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Soap Maven

The Soap Maven will be taking a short break while she recuperates from surgery scheduled for May 25th. She hopes to be off about 3 weeks if all goes as planned. During her convalescing, she will not be making soap. However, we do have a good supply of soap and other products on hand and Hannah & Rachel will be filling orders with available stock.
We do appreciate each and every one of you and Susan looks forward to being back in the swing of things and stirring the soap pot.

Please keep this very special lady and dear friend of mine in your prayers that all should go well with her upcoming surgery and that she should have a fast and full recovery. If you have never checked out her website, Dahlem's Soapworks, you really should. She has the most amazing soap and I have to tell you, it is all this family uses! This product right here, the Solid Lotion Bar, is an absolute fave of mine. No more dry heels or hands! It is fantastic and really portable. Go take a peek at all the goodies The Soap Maven has to offer!

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