Friday, December 30, 2005

Some Chanukah Thoughts

I really love Chanukah! There are lots of reasons, many very personal, but right now I am thinking about the whole concept of new beginnings and rededication. The ideas of teshuvah (repentance) and returning home. The story of Chanukah, the threat of assimilation and the fight for religious freedom. The small army of Maccabees defeating the great Antiochus' army. The disaster that the Beit HaMikdash (Holy Temple)was in, being desecrated with idolatry. The cleaning up afterwards, and of course the miracle of oil, talk about something from nothing! I have been reading some of Rebbe Nachman's writings and I think this has really fueled these ideas. Basically it is never too late to begin again! No matter what a mess our own lives may be in, no matter where we have slacked off, even given in, we can rededicate ourselves to the Most High! Often when we have made such a mess of things we feel like we have nothing to give Hashem. We may feel like we are empty and do not even have the strength to begin again. Barukh Hashem, the miracle of the oil of the menorah teaches us that Hashem can take the tiniest bit of oil, the tiniest bit of what we have, and make it blaze for eight days. There is much more significance to all of this, deeper and loftier, but this is just the simple lesson that I am learning this year. It is amazing to me that we learn what is most needful to us in our specific situation! The depths of torah and the lessons of the chaggim (holidays) are endless! I pray all of you have a very bright and joyous chanukah and that you too learn the lesson that is needful to your neshama (soul)!
Chanukah Sameach!

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Semgirl said...

A Freiligen Chanukah to you. I accidentally ended up here. But Hasgochas Protis tells us there are no accidental occurences. You have a beautiful blog..
My father imbued me with an appreciation for Reb Nachmans Teachings since I was little..