Thursday, December 29, 2005

The catalogs are coming, the catalogs are coming!

Yippee! They are starting to trickle in! The seed catalogs are coming and that just tickles me so. Just when the winter is starting to kick in and the cold seems so lonely the seed catalogs come in to remind me that winter is just a season that does not last forever and spring and the sunshine will return. I love to just look at them over and over again, quietly sipping my of tea.

I am dreaming already of what I shall plant and how I shall plant it, given my very small part of earth. Today's was from R.H. Shumway and it has several small greenhouses in it. It seems affordable and doable on my patio. I've never ordered from them before so I cannot recommend them, but I will say the catalog is a lovely one and nostalgic looking.

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