Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Second Night of Chanukah

The second night of Chanukah was even more wonderful than the first! (Of course that is the whole the light increases so does our joy and many other spiritual aspects but I shall save that for another time) Last night was our Hebrew School's big Chanukah Party and it was such a blast! I could not believe that a large crowd had turned out. I was a bit concerned because Uncle Moishy was in town too, and he is a hard one to compete with. Even so, we were FILLED to capacity and on top of that Fox 29 News was there too! They interviewed one of our beloved Rabbis and our hard working and most beloved Principal. I could not get over the crowd!

After our Rabbi shared a little on the miracles and holiness of the holiday, he made the brachot (blessings) and lit our very large chanukiah. We all sang songs, rejoicing and clapping to the music! It is amazing that something that happened so very long ago still fills us with such joy and gratitude!

The children from our three classes each did a presentation. Kita Aleph sang songs, as did Kita Bet. My class, Kita Gimel, put on a short play about Chanukah and they did wonderfully! :::proud smile::: We had crafts there for the children to do, sand art and a project to make their own chanukiah. There were games and prizes and even a One Man Band! A Rabbi from our community had a Chanukah store set up with all kinds of gifts and educational toys to sell just in case you had extra gelt (Yiddish for money) to spend! And of course there was sufganiyot (Israeli jelly donuts) to over flowing with other snacks and drinks. What a wonderful time we had!

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NotQuiteJuneCleaver said...

Ohhhh!!! You made me wish so that I was there! Thank you for sharing my dear friend!

Susan in LA