Thursday, December 29, 2005

Fourth Night of Chanukah

I cannot believe it is already the fourth night! The chanukiah is already half way lit and is beginning to shine ever so brightly! It has so far been such a lovely time. Mostly we are spending it with family sharing our hearts. Of course there is plenty of eating to be done, so I thought I would share a recipe for potato latkes with a Spanish twist that I have made this week with you. Now since I do not actually follow a recipe I am approximating it. But I am sure many of you also cook this way too so you will forgive me. Most Chanukah foods are fried with lots of oil to commemorate the miracle. I know, I know, not at all good for you, but look at this way, it is only once a year.


Potato Latkes

Shred as many potatoes as you think your family will eat. With five adults and three children in our family that night we shred about 20 small ones and they were all GONE!

Add three eggs

1/2 cup matzah meal give or take

Adobo, sprinkled generously! This is a wonderful blend of spices that adds just the perfect zest! There are brands without MSG so look for those. I really like LaFlor (O-U)

I also add some garlic and onions but not too much.

Mix it all together and let it set a few minutes.

I use about half an inch of oil in my iron skillet and let it get good and hot. Please be very careful and make sure the children are out of the kitchen. I use the end of a wooden spoon to test if it is hot enough. I place the end in and if bubbles come up it is time to fry!

I make patties a little smaller than my palm and place them in the fry pan until the edges are golden. Then I flip them and let them cook checking to make sure they do not burn on the other side. They are wonderful just golden brown. My family gobbled them up! I bet yours will too!

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