Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Knitting Therapy

Well, it seems this late autumn has begun to get the better of me. The past several years seem to be getting worse, I wonder if it has to do with my move to the city. I was talking to my SIL about it and although I am pretty sure I got the 'winter blues' in Lancaster I do not think it was quite like this. I think it was because it Lancaster I was still outside hanging out my laundry, cutting wood, stacking wood, raking leaves etc. Here in Philly I am in my cocoon. Since I am in my cocoon I decided to start knitting... and crocheting for that matter. I am making a decorative scarf with 'fun fur' that was on sale at Michael's and I am working on a Mile-a-Minute afghan for my son. Although the sun has not actually burst through the clouds as of yet (figuratively or literally) at least I feel productive and it seems to be helping. Knitting therapy, try may find it quite helpful.

Here is a site to get you started called 'Learn to Knit'.

Happy knitting!


Patty said...

How is your knitting projects coming along ? I started making socks this fall and have really enjoyed it. Not as difficult as I had thought so that has helped.
I think keeping busy is a big part of chasing away the winter time blues.

Philly Farmgirl said...

Oh socks! After I have finished all my scarves I am going to attempt sockx. I just love them and my favorite pair, my beloved purchased for me at the Wool and Sheep festival last year!