Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Do you want to want?

Rebbe Nachman taught that the magnitude of the obstacles to any spiritual goal is in direct ratio to the importance of the goal, but the obstacles are sent for one purpose only: to increase one's desire. With sufficient desire it is possible to overcome all obstacles.
This is a beautiful and very important quote. Too often it is very easy to desire something and yet not have the tenacity to follow through with it. It seems especially in matters of spiritual importance Hashem will allow obstacles in our way. I do not know so much if it is a test or a way of proving to ourselves how devoted and serious we are? Maybe it is both? Will we go to any and all lengths to achieve the goal set before us? I read once where one of the Rebbe's talmidim said to him that he wanted to be a good Jew. The Rebbe responded with "but do you want to want?" I often think of that. Do I really want to want? How deep is my desire and devotion. They say anything worth having is worth fighting for. Indeed this is true. Although some things in life do come easy, these things do not sharpen us and refine us like the fire of adversity or trial. Like the athlete or musician who may have a natural talent, they will never truly become great or even appreciate their gift unless they challenge themselves time and again. The refinement is what make us who we are, for better or for worse.

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