Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Spanish and Portuguese Jews

Haggadah, Spain, 13th c.

This is a subject of particular interest for me, since this is my background. Not suprisingly though, most folks don't know a whole lot about it. Always trying to be the helpful homeschooling Imma, I am posting some links for you all to peruse at your leisure to educate yourselves.

History of the Jews in Spain

A Brief Timeline-History of Jews in Medieval Spain

The Spanish Expulsion,1492

If you would really like to include this subject in your homeschool, Hebrew School or any school curriculum, check out Out of Spain for a wonderful program you and your children will find both educational and enriching!


Kristee Weldon said...

Great links! It's sad how the truth about Christopher Columbus is left out of the history books. We will be studying early american history this year and these links will come in handy. Thanks for posting.

Have woolly great day! ;)

Philly Farmgirl said...

°Ü° You made me and the sheep smile.