Monday, July 30, 2007

Blogger Block

Sheesh, I am usually one who can come up with conversation easily enough and yet I seem to have nothing to say here in Blogging Land. Perhaps I am a bit intimidated by the much more worthy bloggers who speak of the really important things like politics, the enviroment, or the state of modern Jewish orthodoxy. I don't even constantly blog about knitting, or motherhood. What kind of blogger am I?!
Oh well...
I always kinda viewed this blog as my virtual kitchen. So if you were here with my in real time you would come sit down, make your self at home and we would have some coffee or tea, or my new fave kombucha. We would shmooze about all kinds of really important things, ultimately bringing it all to the bottom line that Hashem does all things for the good. I would bid you farewell until you came again.
Fact is, some days there just is not a whole lot to say, and so I listen. I listen to what you and the others are saying.
So there you have it, today's not so eloquent, written just because I was sitting here, with nothing else to say, blog. Feel free to pick up the conversation while I go make us some yummy snacks!

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