Monday, April 03, 2006


Well, friends, family and misc. kind folks who read my blog, I am outta here! G-d willing my youngest and I are now safely on our journey to Eretz Israel to go home for Pesach and visit my beloved children, her siblings. This is my very first trip there and I cannot even tell you all the feelings that I am having. How does one react and feel when you go home? When you have never been there but you know you belong? I cannot wait to touch the Wall...I am told the Shechinah is there. My children tell me it is an experience like no other. :::sigh::: I cannot imagine, I really cannot. I can tell you this is a dream I have had my whole life. Oy...Abba is very kind indeed. B'ezrat Hashem (With G-d's help) We will be staying a week in Tsfat and then the second week in Yerushalayim (Jerusalem). That is where we will be celebrating the seders, G-d willing. I will try to email you while I am there, and take lots of pics. ( I have been threatened I will have you know, if I do not take lots o' pics.)
OK, gotta sign off here! Have a happy and kosher Pesach! B'ezrat Hashem, I will chat with you soon!

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