Thursday, March 16, 2006

Supermarket Discussions

Anyone who knows me knows I love to talk about birth. I am a doula after all and it is my job to empower women to believe in themselves and how Hashem has created them. I am so about them knowing the strength that lies within. One of my other favorite topics is Moshiach. Well, today I was in the grocery store and met up with one of the incredible ladies that lives in my neighborhood. After greeting each other we almost immediately started to speak of things spiritual and began talking of Moshiach! Right there near the frozen gefilte fish we encouraged each other and spoke of the times we are in. We spoke of the 'birth pangs' of Moshiach. It seems there are many of us women in the community here talking about this very thing. So many of us are in great anticipation. It is like something has shifted and we feel it.
After all it is we women who know when the baby is coming. We see and feel all the signs. We feel the baby drop in our wombs and feel the increase in contractions. We feel the baby's activity quiet down right before labor and ours intensify as we go into a flurry of activity when we get our nesting urges. When the actual labor starts we are not totally shocked as we knew and felt the time was coming. We felt it and we prepared for it. Well, ladies, I think we are in beginning labor. I believe it is time to prepare. If we are indeed feeling the birth pangs of Moshiach than we need to be ready. We need to do teshuvah, increase in our tefilla, and to draw closer to Hashem. We need to encourage those around us, our beloved husbands, children, family and friends. We also need to encourage ourselves. Labor and delivery are not easy but they are possible and we can do it. This is an exciting time and as it was before so again now may it be in the merit of the righteous women's that we are redeemed from galut. May we have such emunah in our Father that we actively anticipate it.

I am getting my tambourine ready, how about yours?

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