Friday, March 03, 2006

A love song to Abba

By Philly Farmgirl

Knowing with my whole heart that You are really there
Feeling in my deepest soul that You truly care
Although everything around me is blowing out of control
I hold on to Your words to calm my restless soul

You are the Beloved
My only truth and hope
You are my safety
My only way to cope

Provider of all my needs, guiding me through each day
Giving me the strength to move, keeping me on this way
I know You want what is best for me, and all You do for my good
I place my simple trust in You as I know I should

I know that You Love me
I know that You Care
I know that You are Compassion
I know that You are there

1 comment:

Over The Rainbow said...

So beautiful! So true!!