Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Adventures of Philly Farmgirl

As we see our heroine today we find her walking aimlessly and dazed about her house searching for her motivation.


let's add a big heaving sigh to that::::SIGH:::

OK, that's better.


So what's with the oying and sighing Philly?

:::big dramatic orchestra music in the background:::


Pesach cleaning!

Now where did I put my motivation?

It was just here yesterday, and lots of it!

...lotta good that did me on Shabbat.

Here, motivation, motivation, motivation. pss...pss...pss...oh great, here comes the cat!

:::wonders what cat food is kosher for pesach this year?::::

OK. Let's try the mantra.


dust is not chometz...
dust is not chometz...
dust is not chometz...
chometz is dust...oops I mean,
dust is not chometz
and my beloved is not the korban pesach...

OK, I can do this!

Philly Farmgirl finds her motivation and plays really loud Simply Tsfat CD to keep moving.

Tune in next week to see how far she actually gets.

1 comment:

Over The Rainbow said...

ROTFLOL!!!! You're hilarious!

A very Hassidic approach to a stressful situation! Rebbe Nachman is very proud, I'm sure...:)