Monday, February 06, 2006

A Very Good Question

My Tzivya and I stopped at a local convenience store to grab something real quick this week. She opted to stay in the car and wait for me as I was just going to run in and out. I was only gone a couple of minutes and when I returned I noticed she had been crying.

"What's wrong, Mami?", I asked her.

"Mama, did you know that our sentence in Mitzraim was cut short by two hundred years?"

"Yes, I did." I said

"Do you know why?", she asked.

"Not really, why?"

"Because Pharaoh had set other Jews over the slaves as overseers. He told them if they did not do their work that they were to beat them. The Jewish overseers were kind and compassionate to their fellow Jews. They did not beat them and so Hashem cut the sentence short."

I was still confused as to why she was crying.

Tzivya continued.

"You know how you get so upset when Racheli and I would argue?"


At that Tzivya started to cry again.

"Mama, imagine how Hashem feels about what is happening in Amona!"

I was stunned into silence, I couldn't say a word.

It is a very good question.

ADDENDA: While perusing some of my favorite blogs (see side bar) I think I found a very good answer to the very good question. Please check out "Does Hashem Really Care?"

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