Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The blessing of a two block walk

So many of us ladies want to have that quiet time, that time alone with Hashem. But with the reality of life, family, husbands, children, home, jobs outside the home, etc., not many of us have this precious time. I have come to find myself taking advantage of my 2 1/2 block walk to my little one I care for to chat with Hashem. Everyday I walk these 2 1/2 blocks about four times. Every time Hashem and I have a little chat. There is a stop light there, so I have a little more time than it would actually take. I know you may be thinking this is not much, but it is like gold to me. I am a woman after all so you would be surprised what all I get said in that time.
I do have some other spaces in my day, but they are sporadic as the day goes. I have really become accustomed to this particular time. In those couple of minutes I pour out my heart to Hashem about my family, my children, my beloved and his work. I ask for wisdom and that I should be a good wife, mother, friend, sister, etc. Sometimes I just look up and tell Abba I love Him.
You may also have some moments in your day that you could spend in conversation with Hashem. You may just not be aware of them. Keep an eye out for minutes to pour your heart out. I know it would be wonderful to have that hour with Hashem in hisbodetut, and I am certainly not discouraging any of you ladies from 'going for it,' but sometimes we can get discouraged when we cannot set aside a large amount of time for this. Instead of feeling discouraged because it seems an impossibility in our busy schedules let's take hold of the minutes given to us. For sure it is time well spent, no matter how small. You'll be amazed!

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Amen to that!