Friday, February 24, 2006


If you have never had the joy of seeing Simply Tsfat in concert you are truly missing an incredible experience! We had the privilege of having them here in the City of Brotherly Love last night and I cannot express to you the simcha and inspiration that these three men brought to our community. Thanks to the efforts of Chelkienu everyone there at the concert clapped and rejoiced in being the children of the King. Not only did we enjoy their energetic and inspiring music we also heard a wonderfully entertaining version of Rebbe Nachman's story the "Turkey Prince" with musical accompaniment and sounds effects. There was also a wonderful dvar torah about the use of music in avodat Hashem. The evening culminated in the men, young and old all getting up and dancing around! What a joy it was to see! Their new CD will soon be out so be sure to check it out, and if they come to your area be sure to check THEM out...or better yet go to Tsfat and visit! B'ezrat Hashem I will be there too!

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