Friday, September 01, 2006

Does it get ever get easier??

My son is leaving next Sunday for yeshiva in Yerushalayim. I keep telling myself it will be easier this time. I am not so sure though. I can't help but think that in two weeks I will not be hearing him singing from his bedroom at the top of his lungs to Adi Ran. He won't be calling me on erev shabbat to ask if there is anything I need him to pick up for me at the store. I am not trying to be morose is just the way I am feeling today. I know it is what right, he thrives in Eretz Israel and he is happy there. What mother doesn't want their child to be happy? I just thought it would be easier this time and it doesn't feel like it.
Shabbat Shalom chaverim, I am off to finish getting ready and focus on being b'simcha.

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