Monday, September 04, 2006

Never Give Up!

The battle for our souls is coming from within. The battle is not frontal, we could then guard ourselves. It is not even from behind. Then we would just fall and get back up. It is from within, deep within us! The flood of atheism is the battle for our emunah. It is not a battle that you would, G-d forbid, say there is no G-d. The atheism, the battle of emunah is the doubt that creeps up within us. The lack of absolute trust in Him! Absolute trust in the Holy One, Blessed be He! This sinister battle sneaks up inside us and wears us down. It slowly and patiently chips away at us and weakens us, until we wonder why are we even doing what we are doing or living the life we are living. It wants us to GIVE UP! What's the point anyway? Why bother? Does prayer really work? Is anyone really listening? The battle of our emunah and the capture of our souls can only happen if we give up. I want to tell you all, my beloved family, friends and misc. nice people who take the time to read my blog PLEASE, I BEG YOU, DO NOT GIVE UP! No matter how dark it seems, no matter how tired you are! No matter how hopeless it looks, no matter how many times you fall! No matter if you are at your wits end and you really can't take another step, do not give up! No matter how many times the children call your name and your beloved asks for another thing! No matter how lonely you are and no matter how many times you have tried, do not give up! No matter that the bank account is in the negative and the rent is now due, no matter that your insurance is late and your children need new shoes! No matter if you think you are the only one who is even trying, no matter what, do not give up! You could be taking your last breathe, or may just feel like it. You may be fading fast and ready to throw it all away, it could will be, in that last second HaShem will rescue you! Just call out, He is there. You are NOT too far away! He is THERE WITH YOU! You can return to Him! He loves His children and He loves YOU! Just don't give up! You can do it, and you do not have to do it alone! Just one more minute, reach up just one more time! Call out just one more time! I could quote a million cliches right now, all of which would be true, but none as true as the strength deep within you have yet to experience. Just don't give up!