Monday, August 21, 2006

On Being an Aunt

Y'know, I just love being an aunt...or in my case a Tity. It is especially easy when I have such incredible nieces and nephews. This summer I have had the pleasure of seeing each and everyone of them! I had my oldest nephew here for most of the summer. He went home last week and I miss him terribly. The youngest nephew is here once a month courtesy of my very kind and accommodating little sister.The rest I have either visited or they have come to me. Pretty kewl, huh? I really hope that we always stay close. I have so little extended family that I am close to, Thank G-d for my brother and sisters. I really hope that this generation is different. I hope my children's cousins are all close. I hope that my nieces and nephews and I stay close to each other. Heck, I hope to see lots of family reunions someday when my sibs and I are all old and grey. G-d willing, this will happen. But I know it will not happen on it's own and the hope will only become a reality if we work at it and make it happen. The roots of our family tree are unfortunately not without it's fair share of damage. They are not so strong and not so deep. But I have seen a nearly dead tree come back to life with continous watering and feeding. It can happen. We can be the beginning of a strong and new branch on the family tree. G-d willing, as each new addition joins our family, our tree will only grow stronger and stronger. L'chaim family!

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