Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Laundry Day Musings

Greetings all! You see here quite the little gadget. It is called the 'Rapid Washer' and you can purchase it at Lehmans.But before you do that, why don't you go visit Sapphire Moon and check out her post on Laundry Day. I was so impressed with her inventiveness that I am seriously contemplating doing this.

Now I am a washboard lady myself, just love it. Really helps with stress and no kidding, you really cannot get clothes near as clean in a washing machine as you can with a washboard. Mind you, I am the only one who washes thier clothes like that at home. My oldest daughter uses it sometimes so I am pleased with that. I wash my clothes with it, but not my sheets or blankets. I do not even have room to dry my sheets outside. For those I have to use my dryer. ::blech:: I use my wonderful wooden clothes drying rack I purchased in Lancaster County for the rest of my stuff.

I just started to use my washboard again this summer and I so enjoy it. I really hope to have a ringer washer again someday also. Even though I grew up in a city, we didn't have a modern washer, we had a ringer washer. I thought it was the coolest thing in the world! And we were able to get SO much wash done. Those of you who have use used them know their great capacity!

There was a time too I remember we did not even have a washer and we washed ALL of our clothing with a washboard. I was about ten years old, and I remember really enjoying it. I also remember getting in the bathtub with my Mother and her taking one end of a pair of jeans and I the other, and ringing them out together. We did the same thing with our towels. Lots of work but I enjoyed it. Maybe that is why I love my washboard? Maybe I enjoy it becuase it is an option I have decided upon and not really necessity. To be sure, I am trying and need to save money and I hope I am doing so by hand washing my clothes, but really I think my personal satisfaction is greater than the monetary value. Really, you could not pay us near enough to do what we do, who could put a price tag on it anyway. They say "necessity is the mother of invention" but I think "mother's are the inventors of what is necessary".

I think Sapphire Moon proves this.

Shalom and happy laundry!

Philly Farmgirl

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Patty said...

B'H" James washers are also a great way to do laundry without using electricity. I find myself using a washboard at times too. I think Lehamans carries the James washer. It does large loads and they come nice and clean, especially with my home made laundry soap !
Happy washing.