Tuesday, August 04, 2009

A fun website for my expecting mommies

I just found this site and I thought this would be a great link post for all my expecting mommies out there. Babystrology.com has several neat gadgets over there to play with. My favorite is the baby ticker, which you can find under tools. There you plug in your due date and a ticker with an image of the development of a baby the same age of yours pops us. It even shows the baby floating about, how cute is that! Have fun!

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Gallery Maor said...

Haven't been to your site since before I got married. Wow! Lots happened.
I want you to come and share some of your creativity at my new site JewishTale.com because I love your style.

I linked you on my link page (http://jewishtale.com/wordpress/links)

Sorry to post this here but your email is not functioning!

Kol Tov!