Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day

Today it finally snowed and Philadelphia looks quiet lovely for it. There is not very much out there, maybe an inch or two, but schools are closed and office buildings are on a two hour delay. I am glad for it, very glad. About ten years ago you would have heard me complain about the fuss of closing schools for a whole inch of snow. After all, I grown up in Chi-town and we always had school unless there was an actual blizzard occurring. OK, that may be a slight exaggeration, but only slight. Many a recess was spent building snowmen and trying to actually make an actual igloo we could sit in. As I recall we got close once...I think someone brought one of those new snow block makers in. But now I sing a different tune. We have so few snow days any more, it would be a real travesty for the children not to be able to play in them as much as possible. As it is, I look outside and see that the snow is turning to rain, so unfortunately all this will make for is very dangerous driving and not many snowmen.

It makes me happy to think about a friend who called me early this morning to check and see if there was school today. She informed me that her children were already playing outside in the precious snow. I remember those days, my children all dressed and bundled up, ready to get outside bright and early. I miss snow days and I am so grateful for one today.

But you see that is just it, it's not just for the children, it's for me too, the grown-up, I need a snow day too. I need to stop and look at the wonder of a world covered in white. I need to extend a mitten covered hand and catch a snowflake and try to see if they are all truly different, even if science has already proven it. I need to stand outside and try to catch a few on my tongue, regardless of pollution and acid rain. I need to build a snowman with a carrot nose and coal eyes, even if it will melt by the end of the day. I need to throw myself on the ground and make a snow angel in spite of the fact that I will more than likely be making a slushy grass angel. I need a snow day to rediscover the wonder of a quiet walk in the woods, the clunky feeling of heavy winter boots and the cleansing feeling of breathing in snowy air. The only thing I am lacking is grilled cheese sandwiches and hot chocolate. I do have tomato soup to join me.


This is my son at about 15 months old(c.1987)with his very first snowman. We borrowed his father's tie to spruce him up a bit. Good times!


NotQuiteJuneCleaver said...

OH How wonderful! I love snow but you know we certainly dont see it very often. Maybe once ever 5 to 8 years. And never much then.

What a cutie he was (is)! Thanks for sharing.

BJ said...

I still say.... wimpy!

I was in grade 5 before we had a snow day.....and that was in western NY ;-)

Although I admit this current ice/sleet isn't that welcome. :-(

And, yes, your oldest was cute ;-)