Thursday, December 11, 2008

Three Interesting posts I found

First one on My Island:PostPartum Depression in the Jewish Community

Over at A Mother in Israel's blog: Breastfeeding and Judaism: Why Moses' Mother Didn't Put Bottles into the Ark of Bulrushes.

and this one which some may find controversial on Little Frumhouse on the Prairie: Prescription for Psychiatric Issues - Increased Emunah?

All three of these are for sure worth your time reading and of particular importance to us ladies.


frumhouse said...

Thanks for the link!

BJ said...

I was just about to send you the bulrushes link.....great minds think alike ;-)

chany28 said...

Hi Dear Philly,

Thanks for the link about Postpartum, and I read the other articles as well.

I'm humbled to be able to share thoughts with a brilliant person like you.

All the best - good shabbos.

mother in israel said...

Thank you for the link.