Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Any room on that plate??

We have all heard the expression, "My plate is full!", indicating that not another thing could be taken on, but if you are anything like me you know that there is likely someway to fit even MORE on there, for example by heaping it on top. Well, this is where you presently find me dear friends. I have filled my plate and decided to heap just a bit more on top of it. Along with family, home, work and a few other extracurricular activities I have just added school! Yes, Philly is going to school to get her degree in elementary education. I am attending an online school which should make this addition pretty manageable, at least that is what I am hoping. My family is, as always, very supportive of me and my biggest fans. I decided to make this decision mostly out of necessity. Work and earning money is a fact of life, as much as I would like fantasize about the bartering days, the reality is what it is. I need a job that will pay me, although I will not become rich being a teacher, fortunately that has never been my goal. Apparently I seem to be pretty good at teaching and the truth is I do love working with children. They are a delight to me and I especially enjoy watching them as the light bulbs go off. Of course I could not do anything that would not make a difference in the world. What better way to impact the world and society than by being a teacher. I will of course still do my other jobs, being a doula for example.

Hmmm....I see a pattern here. I am a pro at beginnings. I love to help women give birth, help them raise and train their children, start people out on their journeys. Yes, I am the one at the beginning of the race coaching you to get moving and convincing you that you can do it. Guess that makes me a teacher. Now all I need is the paper to prove it to the rest of the world. Wish me success!


BJ said...

Good for you! I'm sure you'll do an excellent job at it.

Of course, doing it on-line means you can't do what Mum did (she knit her way through Harvard's graduate school of education.......)

If you need any help (I'm at least adequate at proofing papers) or a shoulder to cry on, you know how to find me ;-)

notquitejunecleaver said...

Dear Friend,

OF course you have my love and support. GOOD FOR YOU! You are already prepared and in the right spirit - you are right you just need the paper. Best wishes for greatest success. Keep me posted on your progress. We all have changes coming do we not? I am going thru these holidays knowing it might be my last year doing JUST these. Possibly by next year I will feel I am ready to introduce my own! G-d only knows right?