Monday, September 29, 2008

The supermarket and a song

I am not a big cereal purchaser, they are too expensive and too sugar filled.I do make exception once a week though and try to have it in my home for shabbat. It is a special and easy treat we all enjoy. So, there I am in the cereal section of the grocery store minding my own business and trying to find something that is yummy and not so sugared filled for my family to enjoy. I finally lay my hand on one that looks good, is organic and on sale ta-boot when all of a sudden over the intercom comes the song 'Johnny Angel' and I start bawling my eyes out. It was my mother's song to my step-dad.

Sadness really sneaks up on you doesn't it...just when you are not looking, BAM, right upside the head with a song.

I miss my mommy so much.

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BJ said...

I know....been there, done that.

For me, the surprise one was passing a mother's day card display - Mum really had no fondness for making it a special day (she saw it as part of the 'Cracker Barrelization' of the society - sell stuff to give people the feeling of community and nostalgia) but there I was in Wegman's with tears dripping down my face.....

I wish I could tell you that it goes away - but I'm a good enough friend that I'm going to be honest: if it does, four years isn't long enough....however, it does get more manageable (at least it has for me). I've been really missing her again lots recently.....the best way I've found to deal with it is to remind myself that I was fortunate to have her for as long as I did and that she was a wonderful enough mother that she left such a big hole in my life. A bit Pollyanna-ish but usually enough to keep me from crying in public (although not right now, here at home.....).

Hugs and retail (yarn?) therapy available in person upon request ;-)