Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Boy, did it get dusty in here!

Shalom aliechem and greetings to all! It has been three months since I wrote last and while there are many and varied reasons as to why I have not written, suffice it to say I am feeling like I am getting to a better place now.

See, that is the problem with these blogs. When I am in a less than desirable 'place' mentally, emotionally, even spiritually, I don't feel like I can write anything here. It's hard to be totally honest in blog land since I chose to not really be anonymous. I mean I have been recognized in public. No one knows my name, but they all ask if I am 'Philly Farmgirl'.(Check me out, a celebrity in my own mind, LOL!) Obviously I chose to not make this blog anonymous on purpose. I like to read blogs from people who I can see. They are real. I wanted to be that kind of blog. But, it does make you careful as to what you put out there for the world to see. It's probably not a bad thing actually. If I realized life is just that way, maybe I would always be more careful in what I said or allowed my mind to dwell on. Something to think about for sure.

Anyway, every once in a while I need to drop of the face of the cyber universe and re-focus. It's good for me. So lately I have been doing a lot of praying and some learning. My daughters and I have been attending a Tuesday night shiur locally. It is based of the weekly parsha and it is so enriching! The Rabbi who is giving it is a truly engaging speaker (ala R' Eli Mansour) and speaks from so deep inside his heart, you cannot help but come away with some spark of inspiration for the week. He has done so much to get the embers of my heart glowing again. I am so grateful to Hashem for these classes.

Both of my older children are in Israel. My oldest daughter is only gone for two weeks and will be back, G-d willing, on Monday. I know it is only two weeks, but I miss her terribly. My son won't be back until the end of the school year and it goes without saying, I miss him too.

My youngest and I have been having a great time just being together. We are enjoying each other's company and I especially enjoy her humour. She is so funny!

Well, that is my catch up for today. Maybe I will see you tomorrow?

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