Monday, October 01, 2007

Keep your eye on the light!

Watch and listen and then heed the message!

"Do your best each day,
Try to find yoru way.
Keep your eye on the goal,
Bring out your soul.
Lift your head up high!
So much noise outside,
Keep your eye on the goal,
Bring out your soul."

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Ehav Ever said...

I am trying to get people together to take part in A Week of Positive Blogging, from Nov. 4th to Nov. 10th 2007. The idea is for bloggers all over the world to join in blogging everyday during that week about positive things that are going on in the world. There are a list of topics that have been chosen for each day of the week that can be found at my blog. Hochmah and Musar

It is my hope that this will be a way to show the positive things that are taking place in various communities around the world. Also, we want to do what the media often does not do and that is show that there are also positive people doing what they can to help others.

If you you have a blog it would be great if you would participate. If you know someone with a blog please pass this on to them. To see the details and join in on what we are trying to do go here.


Ehav Ever